Collector's Villa

Eclectic Living

The Masterpiece as

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Four leading global designers and craftsmen have created a series of wonderfully eclectic spaces housed in a contemporary interpretation of a classic Thai house, situated on the golden sands of Natai beach with wonderful sunset views over the Andaman Sea. The villa boasts a large living room, courtyard, crystal dining sala and a private cinema. The Collector’s Villa is the most luxurious and beautiful three-bedroom villa in Southern Thailand. This villa has a dedicated team including a driver, butler, chef, spa therapist and a housekeeper.

Spectacular Living

The ceramic temple of Wat Arun inspires the “Living room of the sea”; the walls are encrusted with 3,000 ceramic plates. The sea inspires the huge blue starfish sofa and anemone chairs. The spectacular “Cinema of Nature” is clad in coconut skin and filled with fabulous furry green Cipria sofas, complete with fantastic surround sound and a wonderful 160-inch screen. The “Pearl Spa” walls and ceiling are completely covered in mother of pearl and gold and bronze furniture complement this shimmering space.

Exquisite Jewel

Fashioned from Golden teak with accentuated eaves and beautiful tiles, the architecture brings a contemporary twist on the traditional wooden Thai house. The Campana Brothers created a beautiful central courtyard with pillars clad in broken Thai ceramics. The lavish swimming pool with the beautiful crystal dining room bring grandness to this spectacular abode.

Eclectic By Design

The bedrooms within the Collector’s Villa are each as individual and eclectic as the artists who have conceived them. Elegant and sunny from Spain’s Jaime Hayon; a symphony of ash wood and stone from Ireland’s Joseph Walsh; and a sensual boudoir from New Zealand’s Mark Brazier-Jones.

This suite was originally the owner’s bedroom and has a stunning beachfront position. Hayon has created a bright and welcoming beach suite, with an elegant interior and imaginative details such as the ‘clown’ door and lamps. The whitewashed wood and airy feel gives this a true ‘beach house’ ambience and the large bathroom is breathtakingly beautiful. Complete with a private terrace with sun loungers, table and chairs as well as built-in loungers.

The Owner's Suite

By Jamie Hayon

Walsh has curated some of his finest work into this sublime showcase of his craftsmanship. The furniture is all crafted from French Ash and the tables are carved from granite. The centrepiece is the spectacular bed, an amazingly fluid sculpture. An exquisite ‘Enigmum’ wall divides the room and the lounge area is perfect for relaxing. If you must check on your work whilst at the Beach House, this suite has a beautiful office area with an amazing resin desk and leather Enignum chair.


By Joseph Walsh

Brazier Jones has created a space that is a sanctuary from the tropical sun, an interior awash with silks, crystal and metallic structures. With its sumptuous chandeliers, Batwing Dressing table and Harley inspired drinks trolley this room is at once playful and sensual.


By Mark Brazier Jones


Four leading global designers and craftsmen have created the Collector’s Villa, which is the centrepiece of the Beach House. A series of wonderfully eclectic spaces are housed in a contemporary interpretation of the classic Thai house that is poised on Natai Beach overlooking the Andaman Sea.

Joseph Walsh, Ireland

“It is unusual for any designer to have the opportunity to create an entire space with one's work. The diverse elements of natural, sculpted ash, the fluid forms of transparent resin that refracts the light, the woven silk and wool tapestry and the mass of hand carved stone interact cohesively within the space. I hope the balance between soft, fluid shapes and rigid, hard forms creates a thoughtful and disciplined ambiance."

Fernando and Humberto Campana, Brazil

“The motivation of the Campanas to participate in this project comes from the dual DNA of Iniala Beach House. First, the willingness to create an ultimately unique experience for guests. And, secondly, and as equally important, their commitment to support and improve the lives of the local community."

Mark Brazier-Jones, New Zealand

"We are presenting an atmosphere of intimate mystery. A night time ambiance of mirrors, twinkling crystals and jewel coloured fabrics that a couple can share yet with corners of demure privacy. This is a private theatre, a jewelry box. It possesses its own poem for its inhabitants to make up as they go along…"

Jaime Hayon, Spain

States the room is “inspired by tropical elegance, refinement and sophistication. It reflects the essence of the beauty of the area surrounding it and transmits the same peaceful sensation of its dreamlike environment: light, soft, feminine, dignified in simplicity. The enchanting glamour of its contours, the suave selection of noble materials, every element in the room is designed with attention to detail and focus on transmitting warmth and serenity."