Iniala Penthouse

21st Century Living

Out of this World

Iniala’s architect, Graham Lamb has created this wonderful futuristic vision with cushioned flooring and suspended beds, this is a room that will astonish and delight at the same time. This villa has a dedicated team including a driver, butler, chef, spa therapist and a housekeeper.

Desert Life

Kick off your shoes and as you enter the Penthouse you immediately feel the floor melt away under your feet. The carpet has been specifically created with memory foam beneath and recreates the feeling of walking on sand. The flooring is simply a piece of furniture itself as you can relax in its soft and pliable comfort anywhere. The oversized ‘Crater’ sofa is ideal for lounging and the kitchen space is ready to be prepared for your personal chef to cook whatever you crave.

Up on the Roof

This stunning Penthouse offers exquisite views out to the Andaman Sea and overlooks the shimmering rooftops of Iniala. The wonderful 250 square metre terrace is the perfect place for enjoying the sun or dining under the stars. The oversized swimming pool protrudes into the villa itself making this a real fusion of indoor and outdoor living. From this height, at sunset, you’ll be afforded the wonderful silhouette of the ‘Fishtail’ sculpture diving through the villa’s pool below, truly spectacular.

Designer - Graham Lamb, Thailand

"With Iniala's Penthouse we had the chance to distort the perception of what conventional living is - creating a desert like floor that undulates to house the functions of the space. The cushioned floor plane is lined with a beautiful hand woven carpet floor and within the contours you find the lounge, dining facilities and a infinity edges hot tub that is designed to accommodate both guests."

Suite Dreams

The sumptuous ‘White Leather’ bed suspends from the ceiling cradling you whilst you sleep. The incredible bathing space features an oversized bathtub and exceptionally designed ‘Tardis’ like shower. This opulent and spectacular bedroom comes complete with a spacious walk-in wardrobe.