Kids Hotel

Island of Iniala

The Land of Iniala Kids Club and Hotel

Imagine a world full of tree houses and caves, a place where there are costume shops and a theatre. This is the world that our children’s designer Christopher Jones conjured up for the special little ones in your life. It isn’t only the adults that get pampered at Iniala. Each child when they arrive at the ‘Land of Iniala’ Kids Club and Hotel receives their own backpack of goodies including a storybook, T- shirt and games. There are child carers on hand to look after your child’s every need and the restaurant offers a children’s menu.

Designer - Chris Jones, USA

“The Kids Hotel is designed to entertain, amuse and engage children whilst their parents can relax and get away from it all. It is more than a hotel, it is a land of adventure. The creative interior provides choices in comfortable sleeping quarters, multiple active and quiet play areas as well as safe activity and dining spaces. As nothing can spark the imagination of a child, like a great story, the experience for the children coming to Iniala is based on an interactive adventure book which allows the children to decide what happens within the story, what adventures they will find and who they will meet all in search of a lost treasure.”

A Mini Adventure

Your children can even sleep at the Kids club in their very own adventure bedrooms .The Treehouses and caves each have 4 beds and this sleeping space can be booked exclusively by a family or group of families so that the Kids have their very own camp to enjoy. Bring out the creativity and talent in your young ones with our special cookery classes; perhaps we cultivate Iniala’s next Michelin star chef.